Land Planning

Land Planning Services

From ordinance compliance and stormwater management to review of site improvements, DM/A has the technical expertise to provide plan review services that help avoid future problems for communities. Working together with the community, we can help ensure that the subdivision or land development will be acceptable to the municipality and its residents.

Types of Plans Reviewed:

  • Mixed‐Use Developments
  • Office Parks
  • Commercial Centers
  • Industrial Parks
  • Minor Subdivisions
  • Land Development Plans for Retail Use
  • Land Development Plans for Offices
  • Land Development Plans for Industries
  • Land Development Plans for Buildings Expansions

Review Services Provided:

  • Zoning & Ordinance Compliance
  • Stormwater Management
  • Floodplain Delineation
  • Wetland Delineation
  • General Design Considerations
  • Landscaping Plans
  • Erosion & Sedimentation

Mission Statement

DM/A’s mission is to provide innovative, sustainable and responsive solutions in a creative environment with clearly communicated values and the opportunity for growth.

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