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Amos Herr Park Wetland Restoration Awarded Grant

The Lancaster Clean Water Fund recently awarded $1,731,835 to five projects in our county who took direction from the Lancaster Countywide Action Plan or CAP. The grant funds are from the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection’s Countywide Action Plan.

One of our clients – East Hempfield Township (EHT) – submitted the Amos Herr Park Wetland Restoration project and was awarded over $302K as a result of the work from DM/A Staff, Charity Hain, RLA, SOE.

In early April, Charity – MS4 Program Manager and Landscape Architect working in our Municipal Services Department – submitted the initial application to enhance a segment of the Amos Herr Park property in an area that is currently either wetlands or is proposed through the Municipalities’ planning initiatives to be naturalized. The project was awarded the full request late April and must be implemented by March 1, 2023.

The goal is to expand the existing wetlands, re-grade portions of the area to create a space for increased wetland establishment, install a system of interconnected trail pathways around the extents of the created wetland area, and naturalize the remaining land. The funds will be used for a portion of the design (see first photo), but the bulk of it will be used for construction and implementation.

Thank you, Charity for using your skills and training to benefit all of our clients including EHT. We’re grateful to you and all of our staff who help us deliver support and services to all of our clients every day!

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